Every pound donated before 27th December will be doubled by the UK Government. Together, we can help thousands of children grow up surrounded by the love and protection of a family.Every pound donated before 27th December will be doubled by the UK Government.

Get Involved

In addition to sharing your musical memory, there are lots of ways you can get involved and help End the Silence for the 8million children confined to orphanages around the world. We have shared some of your favourite ideas to get you going.

We’re here to support your fundraising so if you have any questions or would like to talk through your ideas, please do get in touch by emailing community@hopeandhomes.org or calling 01722 790111.


Get together with friends, family, neighbours or colleagues to hold a ‘make noise’ party. Some of our favourites include a Barn Dance, School Discos and a Quizzine. For more information and tips on organising these events, please download a fundraising pack.


One of the easiest (or hardest for some people), things you can do to support End the Silence is to get yourself sponsored to keep quiet for a day. Make sure you end the silence with as much noise as possible!

Please download your sponsored silence signs and a sponsor form.


Think Jon Snow’s ties and socks on the Channel 4 news. Get sponsored to wear the most outlandish and loud items of clothing for a day. Ties, socks, wigs, or even a full outfit will not only draw attention but also ensure colleagues will sponsor you, the louder the better. You can download a sponsorship form here.